DAATA Certification Online Courses


- Full access to the DAATA courses for 12 months

with all the pdf courses and interactive courses

necessary to prepare your exam

- Full access to the online tests 

- Full access to all the serious games

- A privileged contact with your DAATA teacher thanks to an online discussion interface.

- Access to the secret FB group "DAATA groomers"

- A library of articles and additionnal courses

  - Study at your own pace and pass the exam whenever you are ready

- A full welcome pack when you get certified




DAATA and Dogdiversity are working closely to improve the grooming profession in Australia.

All our courses are protected by intellectual property laws. Any copy or reproduction in whole or in part of these courses or their illustrations is completely prohibited and liable to prosecution. You do not have the right to use the courses outside of your certification.


DAATA certification has been created by Mrs Nathalie Doaré--Ariey-Jouglard and can only be issued by the N & J Training Center and registered partners.