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50 hours courses in Guilford UK

From september 2 to 7

Participate in the complete DAATA training in person with Nathalie Doaré-Ariey-Jouglard for 50 hours of training spread over 6 days. The training will take place in Guilford and includes:

The 4 levels of DAATA-ICDG Training

One day of natural products making workshop

The last day of the training will be devoted to practical workshops. I will bring all my magic ingredients to show you how to make balms very easily, transform your shampoos and conditioners into miracle products, create masks for all skin problems and much more!!! There will be enough ingredients for everyone to cook their own products !!

2 printed books and 2 eBooks gathering all the DAATA Course

You will also receive, on the day of the training, printed books for levels 1 and 2 and eBooks for levels 3 and 4 to help you prepare for your exams. They'll help you prepare for your exams and keep all the DAATA knowledge at hands.

A free access to the certification process

This training then gives you free access to the DAATA-ICDG certification process for the 4 levels! 

You will be able to take the exams for each level for free and obtain your certification. This includes a complete access to the eLearning website.

Becoming a DAATA Certified Groomer allows you to show your customers that you care about their animal's well-being and that of the planet.

One year of free subscription to the GOLD member area and a free welcome pack.

Each registrant will also receive a free year of subscription to the GOLD member are of the DAATA-ICDG website, which provides access to a large number of educational and marketing tools, grooming protocol sheets, sheets on plants, complementary courses for even more DATAA.

A GOLD member pouch containing posters and DAATA tools will be offered to you on the last day of the face-to-face training.

Register Now

The price of the complete training and all the advantages included is only 1500€ !!

Maximum 10 attendees

In the event of cancellation of the event, all monies paid will be refunded.

Reserve your place by filling out the form below.
Please indicate the deposit you wish to pay (300€ minimum).  You can pay the remaining amount by installments or on the day of the event. you can also pay the full amount in once.

Your registration has been sent, it will be processed as soon as possible.

More information

  • All ingredients are provided for the workshop

  • Refreshments, tea, coffee and biscuits offered throughout the training.

  • Meals not provided

  • Equipment needed: Something to take notes

  • Optional: You can come with your products to study their composition together (provided that the list of ingredients appears on the bottles)

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