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Congratulations, you have reached level 4. In this last level we will first talk about natural cosmetology and then we will deepen the DAATA method by incorporating in particular knowledge in aromatherapy to improve the behavior and health of pets. We will also deepen the DAATA grooming method by talking in particular about racial predispositions.
Finally, we will learn how to make together natural products useful for the grooming salon.

working with Oils


PART 1 : Natural ingredients

This level 4 is much richer and more complex than the previous levels and will allow you to become a DAATA Master Groomer.

We will learn together how to integrate a large number of products into the DAATA grooming method (this will be the main part of this level). Hydrolatherapy, aromatherapy, soap making, etc., we are going to go through a very large number of subjects in detail and we will learn how to use the ingredients and create specific recipes for each case that will come your way.

A huge directory of ingredients is available so that you can refer to it and know the properties of all the ingredients that we will constantly add!

It is important that you check the ingredients for contraindications when they exist. The ingredients are marked with a "level" to let you know if they are safe ingredients for beginners or ingredients reserved for experts. As you progress in your DAATA master groomer certification, you will be able to use more and more complicated ingredients.


DAATA level 4 will allow you to further integrate natural products into your DAATA working method in order to further maximize the effects and benefits of the method.
The courses you are going to take are classified by level (beginners, intermediates, experts) and correspond to the quantity and the difficulty of the natural products you want to integrate into the method.


  • So beginners will be shown how it is possible, with a few safe and easy to use products, to improve the cosmetics they already have and the grooming process.

  • The intermediate level adds a little difficulty and products that are safe but which requires a little more practice or handling to be incorporated into the method.

  • Finally, the expert level will talk about ingredients that must be handled with care and with full knowledge of the facts and whose use requires a little more handling and mixing.

The beginner level is already more than sufficient for any DAATA groomer who does not wish or does not have the means to switch to all natural or to more high-end products (in reality often the compositions are the same at the base as cheap products).

In addition, it offers ingredients that are often inexpensive while saving huge amounts of money on specialized shampoos. 


In fact, a DAATA groomer only needs one shampoo and one conditioner that she/he can easily improve as she/he wants with simple ingredients to use.


A second part, less voluminous but just as important, will be devoted to deepening the knowledge of level 2 with a more developed study of working temperatures or the study of racial predispositions and the adaptation of DAATA grooming to these different predispositions.

Level 4 is intended to be constantly enriched, your final exam will therefore be based on the knowledge printed in the manual that you received at the time of your registration.
However, to carry out your practical cases, you can use all the resources made available to you in this educational space.

fougère plante




In this course, we are going to study many, many ingredients that we can use to improve our grooming and manage skin dryness.

Preliminary note: The use of plants and other natural ingredients can be done without having to change grooming habits. They are easily incorporated into your routine without changing products. Depending on your level, your expectations or the changes you want to make to your grooming, there is a solution for everyone, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

The plants are used fresh, dried, in powder, in pieces, in hydrosols, in macerates, in alcohols, in essential oils. Here are some useful examples depending on the type of skin.
Most listed here are plants that you can easily find in organic stores for example. I invite you to always check the origin of the plants. You should always work with quality plants from organic farming. Depending on the region, plants can be found directly from small specialist growers near you.

fougère plante




The ingredients to regulate oily skin are very useful during DAATA grooming, these ingredients contribute in particular to obtain a less aggressive grooming for the skin and therefore to less stimulate the sebaceous glands.

Mer calme




The DAATA method improves the behavior of most pets, but level 4 allows you to go even further and associate your grooming with ingredients that will allow animals to manage their stress, fear, bereavement, etc. .