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Meet our team



Our founder

Nathalie Doare--Ariey-Jouglard has been very active in the grooming world since 2014 when she first started by creating the French International Grooming Convention and the magazine that would soon become Groomer Connexion, the most popular International magazine for groomers. The same year she founds the French association for groomers and organize courses and workshops with the most talented groomers from all over the world. 

Very quickly, she realizes that there is a great lack of training among groomers around the world. The absence of a solid theoretical foundation based on science. She therefore undertakes to study animal dermatology and cosmetology in order to create this essential knowledge base. Thus in 2018 she embarked on the development of the DAATA training program which became the DAATA-ICDG International certification in 2020.



Veterinarian and exclusive partner for the South american continent

Veterinary Doctor from the Universidad de la Salle in Colombia. Distributor of products for pets.

My passion to introduce new and innovative products with great respect for animal welfare began in 2011 when I created the first virtual Veterinary Ecological Portal called Ecologicaldog Colombia, which offered natural alternatives for dogs and cats.

From May 2003 to March 2005, I was a research student associated with the Leishmania chagasi parasite cell infection study project supported by the Ministry of Health, Colciencias and La Salle University; in Bogota Colombia.

Between 2005 and 2008, I collaborated in various projects related to the development and competitiveness of medium and small companies such as Associate Researcher belonging to the Center for Studies in Economics and Humanism Louis Joseph Lebret; in Bogota Colombia.

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Ms. Gracienna Foo

Groomer, Teacher and International Speaker

A professional groomer based in Malaysia, Gracienna is a fabulous artist and a genius in her field. A grooming professor and international speaker, she is currently on the way to becoming a DAATA certifier for the Asian continent. She shares the same passion for animal welfare and for knowledge, the two main ingredients of DAATA-ICDG.


Mr. Julien Ariey-Jouglard

Our co-founder

Julien is the co-founder of the DAATAICDG Certification. Collaborating with us from the very beginning, he is now in charge of the administration and coordination part. The Certification couldn't exist without him.


Mr. Ravage

Trainee at the Kisses and Cuddles department

Ravage is the latest addition to our family and will be in charge of the Kisses and Cuddles department one day !!