Badly burnt little poodle.

by Lorraine Blower (DAATA LVL 1 Certified Groomer)

Whilst scrolling through Facebook in November last year, I came across a post with a picture of a little toy poodle who had accidentally been scalded with hot water.She pulled at my heart strings when I saw her and as I am studying the DAATA-ICDG Certification by Nathalie Doare-Ariey-Jouglard, I decided to offer my help.

With guidance from Nathalie and the consent of Bella's owners, I took the little dog under my wing and started to treat her with regular DAATA method hydration baths and conditioning treatments to help rehydrate her damaged skin.

The hydration baths helped to hydrate the stratum corneum in order to regulate the normal desquamation process of the skin, assisting with healthy skin and coat growth.

After her baths, she was towel dried and a mixture of shea butter and apricot kernel oil was applied to the affected areas, to help moisturise and soothe her dry, itchy skin.

Bella's human guardians and myself are absolutely over the moon with her progress considering the accident only happened at the beginning of November last year!

These last photos were taken in January 2021.

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