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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Managing hair regrowth, skin health and mourning with the DAATA-ICDG Grooming method

This time around, we're not going to tell you the full story of Jinko but just the beginning! Jinko's skin and coat deteriorated as the health of his mistress, who was diagnosed with cancer, deteriorated. Today, his mistress left him, leaving little Jinko in mourning. The husband of his owner, also overwhelmed with grief, cannot take care of Jinko properly and does not know what to do. He asked Nadine, DAATA Groomer in France, to take charge of Jinko and try to give him back the beauty of the past.

But the DAATA method does not stop only at the management of skin problems and hair regrowth. Indeed, this situation is clearly linked to the psychological situation and we must also take this into consideration during our grooming.

DAATA-ICDG groomers can take into account many psychological situations such as bereavement and try to manage them with aromatherapy solutions.

Here we meet Jinko before the start of his DAATA protocol and I suggest you follow him grooming after grooming to see if Nadine will manage to improve his situation.

For now, before any DAATA grooming, this is Jinko's condition:

Alopecia, oily skin, odors, dandruff.

In a few days he will receive his first DAATA grooming, and we will already see if we notice some immediate improvements. The protocol put in place primarily treats dry skin and the grieving situation. The other problems will be treated gradually depending on the response of the skin to the first grooming.

Obviously, it will take several sessions to realize the effectiveness of DAATA grooming in the long term.

This is Jinko before the DAATA Grooming method, this situation has been going on for a year and half now. Over the next months, we will see if Nadine, our DAATA Groomer is able to help him.

You can follow the next episodes in our new Blog...

Full DAATA protocol for Jinko will also be available soon for all level 2 and above students and groomers ... check the forum soon !!!

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