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This is the registration for the LEVEL 1 DAATA Certification.
This registration includes access to all courses for 5 months (renewable once free of charge if necessary) and taking the exam.
You will also receive the Exam Preparation Manual which contains all the courses, tests, games and additional articles. All the questions for your final exam will be taken from this book.

Once your payment has been made and confirmed, access to the course will be activated manually by a DAATA teacher. It may take up to a few hours.

Whenever you feel ready to take your exam online, contact us and we will organise a session for you !

For LVL1; the exam consists of an online questionnaire of around 90 to 100 multiple choice questions. You need to obtain at least 80% to pass.

DAATA Level 1

  • This registration cannot be canceled or refunded.

All our courses are protected by intellectual property laws. Any copy or reproduction in whole or in part of these courses or their illustrations is completely prohibited and liable to prosecution. You do not have the right to use the courses outside of your certification.


DAATA certification has been created by Mrs Nathalie Doaré--Ariey-Jouglard and can only be issued by the N & J Training Center and registered partners.