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DAATA Certification Online Courses

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DAATA Certification Online Courses


- Full access to the DAATA courses for 12 months with all the pdf courses and interactive courses

necessary to prepare your exam

- Full access to the online tests 

- Full access to all the serious games

- A privileged contact with your DAATA teacher thanks to an online discussion interface.

- Access to the secret FB group "DAATA groomers"

- A library of articles and additionnal courses

  - Study at your own pace and pass the exam whenever you are ready

- A full welcome pack when you get certified


DAATA certification has been created by Mrs Nathalie Doaré--Ariey-Jouglard and can only be issued by the N & J Training Center. It is registered in the specific directory of the French RNCP (National Registery of Professional Certification) and thus constitutes a professional certification recognized by the state and the European Union. To learn more about the N & J Training Center or our certifications, visit our website or email us at