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Pay for your levels in once

Once you've paid for one or several levels, please allow a few hours for the DAATA Team to activate your full access to the courses. 

Membership options (for certified DAATA groomers only)

Your last level of certification must be renewed every 5 years. In order to stay completely up to date and retake your exam without having to take the course again, you can keep access to courses and all updates.
Choose your certification level to subscribe. You will thus have access to all the courses of the levels you have already passed in order to keep you up to date.
For example: if you are a level 3 DAATA groomer; choose the subscription for level 3. You will have unlimited access to levels 1 to 3 and all updates.
Your membership also includes access to the private blog and to the various private forums corresponding to your level.

Membership Level 1
Membership Level 2
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