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To register, please read carefully

You cannot pass an exam for a level if you haven't succeeded in previous levels exam first. 

If you want to discover the scientific bases of your profession and the introduction to the DAATA method and certification course, we offer you the first courses free of charge and without any commitment.


Choose the level that interests you. Registrations for levels must be done in order.

  • DAATA Introduction

    Free courses ! Anatomy of skin and Hair - LVL 1 Introduction
    Valid for 3 months
    • Courses included in this part :
    • + The skin - Introduction
    • + Epidermis and Pigmentation of the skin
    • + Hair Anatomy and Functioning
    • + Dermis, Subcutis and IWL
    • Online tests
    • Free renewal
  • Start the DAATA program today

    DAATA Level 1

    New program 2023
    Valid for 6 months
    • Full access to Level 1 courses
    • Free study manual
    • Library of scientific sources
    • Online tests & games
    • Resources to download
    • Logos
    • Level 1 Exam Registration
    • 1 Free renewal

    Dealing with hair and skin issues during grooming
    Valid for 6 months
    • Full access to all LVL 2 Courses
    • Full access to LVL 2 Library
    • Free study manual sent by post or ebook depending country
    • 1 Free renewal
  • DAATA Level 3

    For certified level 2 groomers only
    Valid for 6 months
    • DAATA Level 4

      For certified level 3 groomers only
      Valid for 6 months

      You can take the courses in the order you want althoug we recommend starting with level 1 then level 2. But you cannot take your exam for a level if you haven't pass the exams for the previous one. For example, you cannot take the level 3 exam without passing level 2 exams first.

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