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Mini Smooth Dashunds with dry skin

Case study of Elsebeth de Biase

2 Mini Smooth Dachshunds presented with a benign dry skin condition. Dachshund 1 is 13 years old and Dachshund 2 is 15 years old. Both had visibly mild dry skin with a small number of dandruffs in the coat. Dog 2 had a slightly larger number of dandruffs in the coat. Neither dog was experiencing itchy skin, irritation or dull coat.

Mini Smooth Dashunds with dry skin

General observations

Symptoms to manage here and factors to consider:

Grooming priorities will include exfoliating, hydrating and conditioning the skin in the absence of irritation and inflammation. Grooming protocols will be carried out every 2 to 4 weeks depending on improvement or lack thereof. Continuous monitoring for worsening symptoms will be imperative.

Recommended DAATA grooming protocol:

Mini Smooth Dashunds with dry skin

Grooming sessions were conducted on 12/27/2020, 1/31/2021 and 2/27/2021.

Complete grooming:

Grooming Steps

1) Exfoliation and cleansing the skin with mild shampoo and gentle message. In this case Warren London Neem Oil shampoo was used with a PH of 6.10.

2) Thorough rinsing with abundant amounts of water was used to aid in evacuating dead skin cells.
a. Gentle water flow was used with large amounts of water at a temperature of 86 F or 30.

3) The hydration bath
a. Each dog will be immersed in 86F water in a clean tub.
b. Soaking time will be 10 minutes not to exceed 20 minutes per pet.
c. The PH of the water is 7.46.

4) Conditioning treatment
a. After the pet is removed from the hydration bath a conditioner was applied. In this case Natures Specialties Re-Moisturizer with Aloe with a PH of 6.45. Following the manufactures instructions, it was allowed to sit on the pet for 5 minutes and then thoroughly rinsed.
b. The final rinse was conducted with abundant amounts of 84.74F or 29.3C water. These are old dogs, so you need warmer water for your final rinse so 32.2° to 35°C. So you can start grooming with fresher temperature and a fresh water for an old dog is 29.4 to 32.1°C.

5) Drying: each dog was allowed to air dry with the initial use of an ultra-absorbent doggy bathrobe.

Other grooming if certain problems appear

Changes to initial treatments: An occlusive treatment in this case coconut oil was added to dog 2 after conditioning due to persistent dryness

Tarte aux fruits

Dog 1 a 13-year-old mini dachshund now has a healthy skin and coat that is dandruff free. Dog 2 a 15year-old mini dachshund continues to have a small amount of persistent dandruff. Continued treatments for dog 2 may be needed. Additionally, both dogs receive a daily dose of fish oil with meals.

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