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2 years of suffering and 1 DAATA grooming later !!

Here is Diego, a beautiful and adorable Beauceron groomed for 2 years by Marjorie.

Diego has been under the care of a veterinarian for more than two years for these serious skin problems and despite the use of a shampoo medicalized and scrupulously used every week as prescribed to his owner, nothing seems to improve.

When Diego arrived at the salon, his skin was itchy and sore so much that Marjorie could barely touch him. Some areas of the skin were raw or even perforated. He was losing a lot of hair and some areas were almost bare.

Obviously, he was scratching a lot and neither the owner nor Marjorie knew what to do to help him.

This is what poor Diego looked like before his first DAATA grooming.

It was then that Marjorie discovered the DAATA grooming method. A method based on animal dermatology and the principles of science. No medicine in this method, but simply techniques that are completely respectful of the skin and the hair and which integrate the rules of anatomical functioning of skin and hair.

She immediately applied the DAATA method to Diego and guided her client to use the basics of the method at home during the weekly baths recommended by the vet.

And here is the result after only one DAATA session in the salon and the application of the method every week at home.

The skin is completely repaired, no visible trace of irritation or lesion. The dog came back with a beautiful skin and a beautiful hair fully regrown.

She can now groom him without any reaction. The owner is happy, the groomer is happy but more important Diego is happy and well !!

Be like Marjorie, be a DAATA groomer !!!

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