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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Here we are back to talk about little Jinko, in mourning for his owner and having skin and hair problems for over a year and a half now. Although he was being followed by the vet, it looked like Jinko needed a little DAATA nudge to get back on track.

First, here is what Jinko's skin and hair looked like before the DAATA sessions started. He had very oily skin, a lot of film, a strong odor and very damaged hair. Alopecia had developed mainly in the flanks.

After a first DAATA grooming, Jinko returned for a DAATA grooming session with skin problem management (DAATA level 2)

We can see abundant hair regrowth, and much better skin health compared to the previous month.

This is what Jinko looked like immediately after the second DAATA grooming :

Although one can see a very big improvement in coat and skin, some areas remain oily and dandruff is still visible.

Nadine, our DAATA groomer, therefore decided to continue the DAATA protocol while incorporating the aromatherapy necessary to help Jinko manage his grief and recover even faster (DAATA Level 4).

To be continued in the next episode !!

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