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Jinko - episode 3

Here are some news from little Jinko.

Since his last DAATA session, little Jinko was locked in due to covid so he couldn't go to the groomer and unfortunately for this little guy who had just lost his mum, his dad has also passed away. But rest assured, Nadine Legros from France, our DAATA groomer with a big heart has decided to adopt him.

So it took a little while before Jinko was able to be groomed again. Although the last session allowed the hair to grow back nicely the lack of regularity in the sessions left Nadine with an extremely oily skin to deal with as well as bad smells.

So Nadine has decided to start with only a light protocol. Considering that she has the dog at home now, she is able to groom him whenever she wants and therefore adapt quickly and easily the DAATA protocol. For his new DAATA grooming, the hair has remained slightly oily, therefore next time, she will add a specific plant mask before bathing.

This is what little Jinko looks like today. We are so happy he has found a saviour in the person of Nadine and that he will have a wonderful happy life with her.

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