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Let's see how a DAATA groomer was able to increase her rates by 25% very quickly

Marjorie used to groom a very greasy old fox terrier (15yo). This dog was REALLY greasy and no matter what she would do, how many very expensive shampo she would apply on him, he would always leave the salon half dirty of grease and come back even worse every month. She was desperate to find an acceptable

solution for this old guy and in the same time satisfy her customer. she wold charge an amount of 48€ for the full grooming knowing that the job done was not really finished and satisfying.

So she decided to take the DAATA courses up the 4th level so she could learn how to manage a greasy skin first and be able to improve her knowledge of cosmetics and, without changing brands, make her products more effective by adding specific natural ingredients into the grooming process.

Oily skin is probably one of the biggest and most difficult challenges for the groomer to deal with. It is very difficult to find the balance that will reduce the phenomenon or stabilize it.

Thanks to the DAATA method, in 2 groomings, Marjorie was nevertheless able to completely clean the dog and considerably reduce the production of sebum between the two appointments.

At the end of the second grooming, the skin was cleaned and released and the dog was calm.

She decided to apply a new rate coming with her new skills and was able to charge 60€ instead of 48€ !! Although this is still a low price for a fully certified DAATA groomer Marjorie has not wanted to apply too much of a raise to a loyal customer for many years.

Do you wanna discover the DAATA Grooming methode and see how you can make more money out of your grooming ?

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