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Nesquick didn't like grooming

This is Nesquick

Nesquick never liked grooming despite all the good care and patience of Vanessa, DAATA groomer in France. Each grooming was a real "fight" during which Vanessa had to be constantly on the alert to avoid attacks from this pretty but redoutable furball. Whether brushing, bathing or drying, nothing was right for her.

Then, one day, Vanessa discovered the DAATA Method and her life was transformed, along with Nesquick's. By using the gestures and techniques adapted to Nesquick, she gradually managed to regain her confidence. From one DAATA grooming to another, Nesquick took on more and more things until full grooming.

Now, this little Pomeranian loulou is groomed from start to finish without annoyance, without growling, without attempting to aggress her groomer and she even offers her hugs after the grooming; something inconceivable before the DAATA method.

If you too want to improve animal welfare during grooming and use methods that are actually right for them and that they accept without the need for "desensitization" or "positive reinforcement" which is simply to force them to accept something they instinctively know not to be right for them, so register for our courses now at

Be like Vanessa! Be a DAATA Groomer!!

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