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Restoring Marley's love for grooming

Marley is a little pug who used to love being groomed. He especially enjoyed the bath and the care that went with it.

Then one day at his former groomer something happened and Marley refused the grooming since that day. He would try to run away from the tub, run away from drying, and would refuse to stay on the table after developing a height phobia.

Following his move, his mom found him a brand new groomer who came directly to his house to groom him. This is Vanessa Thunière, groomer in France in the Paris region. Vanessa immediately adopted the DAATA method with this cute pug.

From the first bath, attempts to escape immediately ceased. And Marley started to enjoy grooming again.

Since he had developed a panic fear of the dryer, Vanessa adopted a non-invasive, noise-free DAATA drying method that allowed her to dry Marley off without him trying to run away again. And again, it was an immediate success.

Since he categorically refused brushing, Vanessa once again followed DAATA's recommendations and opted for tools much more suited to Marley's breed and coat. The result was once again immediate. Marley immediately accepted the new technique and the new brushing tool. He no longer runs away and enjoys the process!

Thanks to the DAATA method and the good care of Vanessa, Marley enjoys the grooming again and quietly ends his nap as soon as she is done!.

To learn about the complete DAATA grooming process that Marley has benefited from, register for the full DAATA Level 1 by clicking "Register".

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