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Who said you couldn't brush this Schnauzer ?

This little fellow you see on the picture is a Schnauzer who has been groomed for years by the same groomer. He couldn't stand brushing or drying and tried to bite regularly. The grooming happened entirely to the rhythm of his grunts and attempted aggression. Even with a soft brush, he was screaming and trying to grab the brush.

Amandine is a new student of the DAATA method although she has been a groomer for many years. While still studying her level 1, she wanted to try to apply the first bases of the method.

What a miracle ! For the first time in his life, this Schnauzer allowed himself to be groomed to the end without a sound, without a complaint and, for the first time in his life, Amandine was able to perform a magnificent grooming on this client who usually always left with an "approximate" cut.

The DAATA physiological method makes it possible to apply simple rules that are easy to learn from the first level. It improves the life of animals but also that of groomers.

Do not wait to register !

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