DAATA is a new grooming course based on the latest scientific data in pet dermatology.

It is here to raise the professional level of groomers to a technical level never reached by any other course before it. The amount of knowledge that will be passed on to you and its usefulness remains unparalleled in the profession.

have you ever wondered at which temperature you should groom an animal? Did you know that depending on age, health or skin type this temperature should be different?

do you know howa groomer can help calm skin inflammation, recover from post-clipping alopecia or manage dry skin?

Did you know that an ultra-degreaser should never be applied to oily skin? Do you know why ?

Most grooming courses or classes do not take into consideration the health and functioning of the skin and the hair. This is contradictory when you think that the groomer works on the skin of dogs and cats every day.

Learn dermatological grooming now and change your vision of grooming forever!!!

Registrations will open on 1st march 2020, you can pre-register now and get a 50% discount. Use the code 5NA5689XJ.
The website is in its beta version.


— Lynne Bower, Groomer in Australia

“This is 100% not to be missed. Mind blowing.”


Our Program

Our DAATA training includes a set of main courses that will teach you the principles of anatomy and functioning of pets' hair and skin and the principles of dermatological grooming.
The primary modules are :

  • The anatomy of skin and hair

  • Dermatological grooming - The bath

  • Dermatological grooming - Drying

  • Dermatological grooming - The use of tools and equipment

  • Dermatological grooming - The use of products


Secondary modules are added progressively to the website : 

  • Alopecia

  • The change of fur

  • Skin hydration techniques

  • inflammation

  • and many others ...

An additional library is also available (it will open in a few weeks). You will find there a lot of very useful information that will allow you to improve your professional skills.


Your educational area allows you to access the DAATA community. Meet virtually other students and certified groomers. Communicate directly with the teaching team and don't miss any news thanks to our newsfeed !


The student area allows you to get in touch in real time with your teacher who will answer your questions and help you prepare for your exam.

Message your teacher at any time of the day or night and get the reply within 48 hours.


DAATA certification has been created by Mrs Nathalie Doaré--Ariey-Jouglard and can only be issued by the N & J Training Center. It is registered in the specific directory of the French RNCP (National Registery of Professional Certification) and thus constitutes a professional certification recognized by the state and the European Union. To learn more about the N & J Training Center or our certifications, visit our website  www.encyclopediedutoilettage.com or email us at toilettageformations@gmail.com