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  • Membership Offer
    Thu, Feb 11
    Facebook live
    Feb 11, 10:00 AM GMT+1
    Facebook live
    To pluck or not to pluck the ears, that is the question that we develop in this mini seminar reserved exclusively for DAATA students and groomers.
  • DAATA ICDG LVL 1 and 2
    Thu, Mar 04
    Facebook Live
    Mar 04, 10:00 AM GMT+1 – Apr 01, 4:30 PM GMT+2
    Facebook Live
    Follow the training directly online with Nathalie Doaré - Ariey-Jouglard, the founder of DAATA-ICDG. This training corresponds to DAATA levels 1 and 2 and will be done by Facebook live. Every Thursday from March 4, 2021 to April 1, 2021.

Register for your LEVEL 1 Certification now !!

Learn the DAATA Grooming Method to improve the pet's well being and yours, get better grooming results, save time and money !!

To help you access certification more easily, we are implementing installment payments. 70€/months for 5 months 


In order for you to discover DAATA courses, we have decided to offer you courses from level 1 - part 1. You just need to create an account and register.The courses concern the anatomy and the functioning of skin and hair.

What is the DAATA-ICDG Method ?

DAATA is a new grooming course based on the latest scientific data in pet dermatology, cosmetology and more.

It is here to raise the professional level of groomers to a technical level never reached by any other course before it. The amount of knowledge that will be passed on to you and its usefulness remains unparalleled in the profession.

have you ever wondered at which temperature you should groom a pet ? Did you know that depending on age, health or skin type this temperature should be different?

do you know howa groomer can help calm skin inflammation, recover from post-clipping alopecia or manage dry skin?

Did you know that an ultra-degreaser should never be applied to oily skin? Do you know why ?

Do you know how to read your cosmetic labels, what each ingredient is here for ? What are the REAL dangers of your everyday cosmetics, for you and for the pets ?

Most grooming courses or classes do not take into consideration the health and functioning of the skin and the hair. This is contradictory when you think that the groomer works on the skin of dogs and cats every day.


What will you learn ?

The DAATA-ICDG Certification is divided in 4 levels :

Level 1 DAATA-ICDG Groomer includes :

  • Part 1: Anatomy and functioning of the skin and hair
    In this part, you study the anatomy of the skin and its different appendages (the follicle, the glands, the different cells, etc.). . You will also learn how pigmentation, hydration of the skin or the concepts of genetics necessary for a good understanding of the course.

  • Part 2: Dermatological grooming
    In this part, we will apply new methods of grooming in agreement with the preservation of the good health of the skin and the hair while obtaining the best results.


Level 2 DAATA-ICDG Groomer includes :

  • Part 3: Common skin problems
    The problems most often encountered by groomers such as, dry or oily skin, inflammation, etc. will be studied in this part.

  • Part 4: Studies of specific problems and diseases
    In this part, we will study different skin problems which are less common but which you are quite likely to encounter during your career. The description of the disease or problem is accompanied by a procedure for the groomer.

Level 3 DAATA-ICDG Groomer includes :

  • Part 5: Cosmetology - Introduction
    In this part, we will study what products you use and how to handle, store or use them safely for you and for the animal.

  • Part 6: Advanced Cosmetology
    In this part, we will study how to read and understand a list of ingredients. We will study the major families of ingredients, the side effects of the ingredients used in most of your cosmetics and we will discuss the natural ingredients that can help you on a daily basis.

Master DAATA-ICDG Groomer (Level 4) includes :

  • Part 7: Natural cosmetology
    In this part, we will study how it is possible to make some of our cosmetics ourselves with simple to complicated recipes. We will also study a large number of natural ingredients and their properties in cosmetics.

    In this last part you will go event more in depth with the DAATA Method to become an accomplished specialist!!


Meet The Team


Nathalie Doare--Ariey-Jouglard


Our founder


Edna Galeano Castro


Our veterinarian and Spanish-speaking partner for the american continent

photo de gracienna.jpg

Gracienna Foo


Groomer and partner for the asian continent

photo Julien.jpg

Julien Ariey-Jouglard




Mr Ravage

Trainee at the kisses and cuddles department



— Lynne Bower, Groomer in Australia

“This is 100% not to be missed. Mind blowing.”

All our courses are protected by intellectual property laws. Any copy or reproduction in whole or in part of these courses or their illustrations is completely prohibited and liable to prosecution. You do not have the right to use the courses outside of your certification.


DAATA certification has been created by Mrs Nathalie Doaré--Ariey-Jouglard and can only be issued by the N & J Training Center and registered partners.