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Get your international certification in Dermatological Grooming now !!

Learn a totally new grooming method that will turn your world upside down !!

Our course is continually updated with all new scientific data relevant to DAATA-ICDG grooming. Discover the new level 1 study program for the year 2023, already online!!

You will soon find on this page a link to a list of training certified in accordance with the DAATA method.

To find out how to obtain the DAATA -ICDG conformity certification for your training courses, contact us.

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DAATA groomers who manufacture their natural products can now benefit from a specific label.

To find out how to obtain the label for your products, contact us now.

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What will you learn ?

The DAATA grooming method is a method based on the rules of pet dermatology and cosmetology. By completely respecting the physiology of skin and hair, the groomer obtains much better results in many aspects:

First of all, animal welfar