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I didn't like grooming long hairs before !

Amandine (France) didn't really like grooming long-haired dogs. Difficult for her to obtain a satisfactory result, a nice, smooth and falling coat. Not to mention the endless grooming time and especially during the brushing and drying phase. From the start of her learning of Level 1 and the basics of DAATA, she tried the method on a regular long-haired client for whom she never obtained a result that fully satisfied her. What was her surprise to achieve this grooming in record time and with a result above anything she had been able to achieve in the past.

The DAATA method did not require her to change grooming products, so she achieved this with the same tools and products that she used every day. And yet, the result is spectacular.

The DAATA method is an easy-to-learn grooming method that works the first few times and even before you have completed the first level of certification.

Be like Amandine, be a DAATA groomer !!

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