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Zina : from demon to angel

Zina is one of Christine's four legged customer. A real "demon" to groom according to this DAATA student situated in Belgium.

After having recently taken DAATA courses, Christine decides to apply the method on Zina. This little dog with a strong character who comes back each time full of knots (she is groomed every 5 weeks) and categorically refuses a large part of the grooming process and in particular the disentangling.

During the first DAATA grooming, Christine adapted her bath temperatures and applied the necessary brushing and conditioning advice.

During the second DAATA grooming, Christine emailed us instantly : "It was only happiness to groom her, only a very small knot that I knew how to remove by hand, thanks to the DAATA method, she was a charm and very patient. "

The DAATA method makes it possible to modify the behavior of animals during grooming and for the better. Thus the work of the groomer is greatly facilitated, the well-being of the pet is better respected. They readily accept grooming, even the most recalcitrant of them.

If you also want to make your life and the pets' lives easier while grooming, learn the DAATA method!

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