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Gipsie and the knots

(Grooming and pictures by Fabienne Mercier - DAATA Groomer in France)

Today we will talk about Gipsie, this little girl was coming for the first time in Fabienne Mercier's salon and she is 8 years old.

As you can see below Gipsie was severely matted

Faced with such a level of hair tangling, most groomers would rather trim than suffer the animal with a long and painful disentangling process. Because, in fact, disentangling, in traditional grooming, can prove to be very tedious, painful and damaging for the skin and the hair. Gispsy being an anagen breed (the hair grows constantly), it was not excluded to resort to this solution.

However, the DAATA grooming method makes detangling much easier, faster, painless and without damage to the skin or hair. Fabienne could therefore afford to avoid mowing and give Gipsie all the beauty she deserves!

So she started the grooming with a good bath at the ideal temperature for the skin of this 8 year old bitch and her level of entanglement.vIt only took her 50 minutes to bathe and untangle Gipsie.

Then she continued with a non-abrasive drying method and a small finishing cut, 35 minutes during which Gipsie was able to take the opportunity to relax.

And here is the result after only 1h25 of work on a completely tangled dog.

The hair is completely disentangled without damage, the result is breathtaking.

Be like Fabienne ! Be A DAATA Groomer !!

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Christine Chong
Christine Chong
13 de mai. de 2021

Beautiful result.

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