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The very first bath without drama for this cat thanks to the DAATA method

This quite and lovely maine coon in the video has not always been so lovely and quite. Indeed, before using the DAATA method, Marjorie (DAATA student in France) could not even touch her own cat and bath her without causing attacks, scratches and bites. This beauty was wild !! Yet this is not the only cat she grooms. For two years Marjorie has been grooming many cats in her French grooming salon. None gave her as much trouble as her own cat.

Now look at her first DAATA grooming ever :

Marjorie sent her this great video of her first DAATA attempt on her cat. And it was a success because, the DAATA method is easy and logical and of course ... includes cat grooming.

Marjorie followed the four levels courses so was also able to implement some easy aromatherapy tips in the process that are completely safe for cats.

And look at the wonderful result !

If you want to learn the DAATA method and make grooming easier for you and much more acceptable for animals, feel free to register by clicking here !!

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