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Big detangling for Leya

Samantha Koniska, DAATA level 1 groomer wanted to introduce us to Leya, a little york usually very sensitive to grooming and who arrived at the salon in a very tangled state.

She is normally a very well maintained little dog, but imponderables meant that for once Leya's owner was overwhelmed by the situation and was unable to properly maintain her little dog's coat.

Samantha couldn't use her blaster because Leya is afraid of it. She therefore carried out a complete DAATA detangling protocol, respecting first of all the physiology but also Leya's particular needs (sensitive behavior and fear of blaster).

After about 1h20, Leya came out of the grooming completely untangled and showed no signs of sensitivity or fear throughout the grooming.

She left perfectly groomed and serene.

Leya's mum, who attended the entire grooming, was impressed not only with the quality of the grooming but also with her dog's behavior throughout the session!! Samantha has indeed had the right to kisses all along!!

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