Pablo in the bath

Pablo is a cute and nice little Shih Tzu groomed in France by Vanessa T., a DAATA Student. Althouh Pablo is very nice, he didn't really enjoyed being bathed. He would try to escape from the bathtub and cry as you can see in the video below.

Vanessa just started her DAATA journey so she decided to apply the basic principles of the method as learnd in Lvl 1. By changing only a few but essential details, she managed to have Pablo accepting and enjoying the bath for the first time in his life ! This made her job much more easier too and Pablo's owner was happy to see that the bath was no longer, for her little companion, an unpleasant obligatory constraint.

See the difference with the very FIRST attempt of Vanessa with the LVL 1 DAATA Method :

Pablo doesn't try to escape anymore, he doesn't cry and let Vanessa do her job more serenely.

If you too want to improve the behavior of pets during grooming, not by forcing them to accept the methods you already have, but by adopting simple methods that THEM agree to, then don't wait any longer and sign up for the DAATA level 1 on

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